What Caused the Downfall of Napoleon Bonaparte

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What caused the downfall of Napoleon? There are a number of factors that all work together to ultimately cause the downfall of Napoleon as emperor of France. The smaller factors that helped lead to Napoleon's downfall are as follow: Napoleon defeated more and more European countries and he started becoming proud. He began to believe that he could conquer the world. Therefore he would not listen to other wise diplomats, such as Talleyrand. His ego and ambition got in the way of common sense and this helped to lead to his downfall and he tried the impossible, like invading Russia. Napoleon's method of enforcing his rule and ideas on all the countries he defeated also helped turn countries against him. This is because they did not always like the French way of living and this caused the people to feel bitter towards Napoleon. There are also a couple of larger factors that led to Napoleon's downfall. Napoleon made some big military mistakes near to the end of his reign as emperor. His campaign in Spain failed horribly and turned Italy against him. Also the campaign in Russia was a huge failure. Napoleon's soldiers were not prepared for the Russian winter. This meant that Napoleon lost more than half his army. It made him militarily weak and brought an end to the magnificent army. Napoleon's military failures meant that European countries started feeling bolder and more willing to stand up against Napoleon. The continental system also failed since it did not actually affect Britain, but rather France and the other European countries. This meant that many European countries who were forced to participate in the system were upset with Napoleon and this turned them against France. Lastly the second coalition was formed. It was a group of countries opposing Napoleon. With England in this group, Napoleon had no chance to survive since the great navy of
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