Why Did Henry 8 Close Down the Moanstries Essay

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In the early 16th century the Catholic Church was the most powerful organization in the country. Henry VIII the Tudor King at the time, for political, economic, social and religious reasons wasn’t happy about this and between 1536 and 1541 managed to dissolve the monasteries in England. In this essay I will tell you the reasons why Henry closed down the Monasteries. One of the main reasons why Henry closed the Monasteries was he wanted their wealth. Henry was nearly bankrupt and needed money for his wars, food and expensive lifestyle. At the time, the amount of property and land owned by the Catholic Church was huge, almost a quarter of the total land in the country. Henry closed down the Monasteries so he could take the money the Monasteries had. He also wanted to gain the land that the Catholic Church owned at the time so he could sell it and share this land out amongst powerful people so that they would support him. I think this is an important reason why Henry closed the Monasteries because Henry needed money quickly and the Monasteries had the money. Another reason why Henry tried to dissolve the Monasteries was his problem of needing a male heir. In order to get one he needed to divorce and remarry. The Pope refused to give permission for this and this led to Henry falling out with the Catholic Church. Henry had to get rid of them to show that he was now in control and not the Pope. In 1534 Henry decided to make himself head of the Church of England and passed a law called the ‘Act of supremacy’ which said that all the churches in England had to become Protestant churches. Henry and not the Pope was in charge of the Church of England giving Henry another reason to get rid of the monasteries. The church was very powerful in the medieval times as most people were very religious. They believed in God, heaven and hell and the only way to get to heaven was going
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