Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cloning

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A woolly mammoth will be able to be cloned if there are sufficient resources. Cloning is relatively more recent topic requiring advances in science. Cloning is closely attached to the concept of bioethics.An example of cloning would be Dolly the Sheep in 1996 via Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer. Cloning the process of making a genetically identical copy, in terms of DNA, of an organism by methods such as by natural twinning or in a lab by Artificial Embryo Twinning(AET), Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer(SCNT) and Interspecies Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer(iSCNT). In order to clone an organism, an embryo is required for all 3 methods listed above. To form a natural twin in the womb, the embryo would have to be split into half in the first few days after being fertilised. Both halves continue developing as per normal. AET aims to…show more content…
As stated above, many eggs and nuclei are required to yield some form of success in cloning. The SCNT process cannot be performed automatically, so scientists would have to manually extract and inject the nuclei with the help of microscopes. The magnitude and funding of such a project would be huge. One thing to note is that not all DNA is extracted from the egg. Mitochondrial DNA is left behind. So, with iSCNT, it will produce a hybrid of the organism to be cloned and the species of which the egg came from, so it will not be 100% woolly mammoth. Also, the nucleus of the somatic cell of the organism to be cloned might have suffered some mutations resulting in a not very identical clone of the organism, in this case the woolly mammoth. Lastly, time and conditions are also needed to ensure the success of cloning. If a scientist were to be hasty with his actions, mistakes will be made and the success rate would be reduced. Conditions such as heat when fusing the egg and nucleus, bacteria count, infection, even the taking care of the surrogate mother will affect the cloning as

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