Designer Babies: What Does It Means To Be Human?

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Allison Maio Designer Babies Two million years of human evolution has led to the types of humans we see today. Everywhere around us are humans that are very different from each other with imperfections. On a not too distant horizon, advances in biotechnology will allow scientist to engineer the specific genetic makeup of our children. The term 'designer baby' made its entry into the Oxford English Dictionary in 2004, where it is defined as "a baby whose genetic makeup has been artificially selected by genetic engineering, combined with in vitro fertilization to ensure the presence or absence of particular genes or characteristics. My concern is the altering of embryos would destroy what it means to be human. Scientists are on…show more content…
Eugenics is an effort to assume control over human reproduction in order to produce offspring deemed superior by a certain cultural standard. It assumes one life has more value than another. This is a dangerous thought process. “ A popular social movement in support of such ideals had arisen in the late 19th century in the United States and Europe. This movement reached its zenith in the 1930s, but dissolved following World War II and the disclosure of the horrific eugenic practices of the Nazis. Nonetheless, support for the genetic control of human beings did not disappear, and public endorsement of eugenic ideals continued to surface”(Dorsey). The New Catholic Encyclopedia Supplement stated “In practice, eugenics has resulted in the worst acts of genocide, racism and violence ever perpetrated because it indulges the idea that some members of society have the authority to determine whether or not some people should be born or have children, or otherwise enjoy human…show more content…
I am positive that there will be segregation between the superior 'modified' humans, and the pure but inferior ones. The procedure to obtain a designer baby is not cheap, and not everyone would be able to afford it. This alone would create prejudice between “designer” and “non designer” children “Princeton University microbiologist Lee M. Silver can see a day a few centuries from now when there are two species of humans--the standard-issue "Naturals," and the "Gene-enriched," an elite class whose parents consciously bought for them designer genes, and whose parents before them did the same, and so on for generations”(Deneen). A segment of the population would be sentenced to a second class citizenship at birth. Genetic diversity will also be greatly reduced, leaving the human race susceptible to certain diseases. The scientists with all their knowledge and skills, do not know what future consequences are in store for the designer babies. In my opinion, the ramifications could be great for such a trivial purpose. Perhaps society would be better served if scientist focused more on the enormous importance of environmental influences on our health in the future. While the public may not know much about designer babies it is hugely debated within the scientific community. Companies like Amazon and Google have banned advertisements for gene enhancements in other countries because

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