Unit 82 Prepare Environment And Resources For Study

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Unit 82: Prepare Environments and Resources for Use During Healthcare Activities 1.1 – Explain how the environment is prepared maintained and cleaned to ensure it is ready for the healthcare activity. All areas that are being used for healthcare activities should be cleaned with either disinfectant wipes each morning and in-between patients/procedures. Equipment should be all new out of the packets and clean. Hands must always be washed or alcohol gel must be used after removing gloves and equipment is disposed of. Sharps bins must be dressed properly with the lid on the correct way and signed and dated, they must also be used appropriately depending on what procedure equipment is used by doing this it prevents injury to yourself…show more content…
All healthcare workers are required to report anything that affects the environment If there are any issues with the clinical environment for example any of the equipment we use is faulty or needs calibrating then we inform our Practice Manager who will make the necessary arrangements for equipment to be either sent out or for someone to come in and check over the equipment in the practice. If we require new equipment it’s always useful to attend relevant training courses where relevant information on who we can approach in regards to assessing our equipment is given out for example just recently I attended a course on INR Monitoring and Warfaring Dosing this allowed me to meet an advisor who can check over our machines when they aren’t working to the standard the practice sets out. By attending this course I was able to pass the details of the advisor over to our Practice Manager who has now arranged for her to come in and check over our equipment. The best way to investigate into where we can report and adjust our environment is by attending courses, it is always essential to keep up to date with relevant protocols as they constantly change so attending courses will enable us to keep working to the standards that is expected and help keep us up to date with relevant companies who are there to help. 1.4 – Describe the impact of environmental changes on resources including storage and use. Most consumables have a use by date on them and will need to be replaced at the practice I work at we check our stock especially medications weekly to ensure they are replaced in enough time. Some equipment can be ruined by temperature or sunlight for example medications that require a fridge must be stored correctly. 3.1 – Describe the importance of ensuring that environments are ready for their next

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