Case Study: Drifting Toward The Storm

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Name: Jeyson Chee Chin Seong Student ID: 1301100413 Case Study: Drifting Toward the Storm Discussion Questions 1) What should Ray include in his job description for the director of engineering position? Generally, job descriptions provide important information regarding duties and expectations for both employers and employees. Effectively developed job descriptions are communication tools that can contribute to an organization's success. While well-written job descriptions can help guide an employee, poorly written descriptions may contribute to a lack of understanding of key job responsibilities. For instance, Ray could increases the chances of hiring the right person for the director of engineering position if it is…show more content…
As a good communication skills are essential for workplace success. The Director of Engineer will work with internal and external personnel to ensure that facility maintenance and housekeeping requirements are executed in a timely and efficient manner, while maintaining the integrity of policy and planning, and will work to ensure that all maintenance projects are met. Therefore, communication skills are important. During interview process, Ray could ask about communication skills including how the candidates handle issues, how they handle difficult situations and other questions related to the candidate’s ability to communicate. For example, asking questions like “What major challenges and problems did you face? How did you handle…show more content…
The panel generally should consist of three to five members. Whenever possible, the panel should represent the diversity of Ray’s organization and it should be identical for each candidate for a specific role. Ray may also want to consider asking a staffing consultant from HRS to serve on the panel. The human resource manager which responsible for hiring and selection is going to involved in the interview process. The process of recruiting suitable candidates for the organization is part of human resource manager job task because he/she understands the difference job position requirement and job description. Recruiting is the function that attracts qualified applicants to fill job vacancies. On selection, human resource functionaries are involved in developing and administering methods that enable managers to decide which applicants to select and which to reject for the given jobs. Ray could invite the previous person who is in the position of director of engineering to join in the interview process as well. His skills and experience in engineering is adequate and good enough to become the interviewer. Ray probably wants to include an individual who holds a same or similar position to the one being filled. The assistant director, Tim Francisco will also involve in the interview process. This is because he will be the potential co-worker

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