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Project: Professional Development System (PDS) Project Manager: Travis Smith Project Description: Design a solution to allow the human resources department to maintain an accurate archive of the professional development of its employees. Provide employees with direct access to a database of professional development events that are offered, the ability to be notified of required events, and the ability to submit necessary reports or documentation once completed. Business Case: There is a need for a more sophisticated method of keeping records of the professional development of our employees. The current system does not allow for companywide records, meaning the Florida headquarters does not have access to records for employees who may have previously been located at another site. It is also clear that employees are having difficulty with knowing what and when professional development activities are offered or required. The necessity for employees to be active in professional development, drives the necessity for this project. Allowing easier access to this information in a centralized location and allowing employees to interact, add events to their schedules, and receive alerts of events would solve this issue and would further allow for professional development to be in tune with our company's mission to have the greatest employees in the industry. The need, also, to allow employees to document information gained from professional development events is evident. This would, in a sense, produce a central knowledgebase for other employees to benefit from. Project Results: - Records of individual employees' completed professional development tasks - Database of scheduled professional development activities - Ability to search for events pertinent to employees' position - Alerting employees of required tasks - Method of submitting

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