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1. Recruitment Guide for Store Associate Position: Store Associate Reports to: Shift Manager Qualifications: Qualifications differ on a case by case basis. Prior experience is a plus. Labor Market: Company wide. Timeline: Continuous Activities to undertake to source well-qualified candidates: Media: Print, radio and television advertising sources. Request Employee Referrals State Job Services Staffing Agency Staff members involved: Staffing Services Human Resources Regional Manager Store Manager Budget: Undetermined 2. Effective targets may include high school and college students as well as retired applicants that are seeking entry level sales positions. Because it is important that employees understand the importance…show more content…
Targeted: If you are a young and inspired high school graduate searching for a fast paced career in the field of sales or customer service Tanglewood may be the career opportunity that you are looking for. Positions in your area offer competitive pay for positions offered and present a lot of advancement opportunities. Your local branch is currently filling positions. One of them may belong to you! Realistic: Are you an action taker? Do you enjoy working with a variety of people and being a problem solver? This position requires associates to work through customer based issues with a smile and exude the customer care that is demanded of a Tangelwood employee. If you think you are up for the challenge stop in at your local branch today and let us know! We are currently accepting applications from motivated candidates. Branded: If you are seeking a work life experience that places your values at the head of ours you may be the qualified professional that we are looking for. If you are in search of a satisfying career in customer service let us guide you through a rewarding career. Take the first step and contact your local honest and hardworking branch…show more content…
This means that companies will often omit negative aspects of the position from job postings in order to avoid scaring off applicants. If a company is to compete with these other companies that hide negative aspects of the position to be filled they must make their job postings competitive. An argument for using realistic recruiting policies is that trapping employees or “springing the bad news” on them after they are hired will no doubt raise the cost of retention. As employees find out the entirety of their job after they are hired many of them will no longer see the position as an opportunity and may soon begin searching for new

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