Wal-Mart Case Analysis

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Wal-Mart stores: Everyday Low Prices in China GB: 520 Strategic Human Resource Management June 10, 2013 Unit 6 According to Quelch and Bloom (1999), creating an effective global workforce can be done in ten steps. Those steps include the follows: 1. Break all the “local national” glass ceilings – special advantages and privileges should not be given to managers because they are nationals of the country in which the organization is based. 2. Trace your lifeline – activities that are vital to the organization’s global success should be identified as well as specify the roles of responsibility for those who will carry out these activities. 3. Build a global database to know who and where your talent is - focus on all levels of the organization not just top level executives, do not neglect the market’s middle management, and seek potentially new talent entering the workforce. 4. Construct a mobility pyramid – due to changing opportunities within the company, assess those employees who are willing to move to new locations and new positions according to their experience and ability. 5. Identify your leadership capital – make enrollment to the global HR system mandatory over time; this way lower level employee cannot hide behind upper management. 6. Assess your bench strength and skills gap – relate the skills outlined in the personal assessment with those required by the business strategy. 7. Recruit regularly – continuously explore new talents in every market not just the company’s host market 8. Advertise your posts internally – Administer your own global labor market 9. Institute succession planning – internal nominations/promotions of individuals who can carry out upper management positions in the next week, three months or year 10. Challenge and retain your talent – Global networks who transfer knowledge and good practices run on

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