Centra Customer Service Programme

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A customer service programme Introduction What is a customer service programme? Customer service is what your business delivers to achieve customer satisfaction. How does a business achieve customer satisfaction? • Giving the customer what they want and need. • Listening to the customer. • Asking the customer questions. • Ensuring the customer that they are valued. Customers measure the business on the service they experience on before and after a sale. Customer service is very important in part of a business’s activities. What does a customer service programme consist of? 1. Standards 2. Training Standards and training are very important for the employees to maintain as these are the two things that are essential to ensure that the service is maintained at the necessary level to keep the customers happy. The main aim and goal of customer service is customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is a term generally used to measure a customer's perception of a company's products and services. How to set up a customer service programme? 1. Learn as much as possible about what your customers want; encourage them to provide feedback. 2. Demonstrate that you understand your customers: for example, by only offering them products which suit their needs. 3. Design systems which suit your customers, such as easy ordering and fast delivery. 4. Set clear service standards and train employees to meet them. 5. Keep your promises and exceed expectations; provide advance warning of any problems or changes. 6. Ensure all employees understand their role in satisfying customers; consider offering incentives for good customer care performance. 7. Regularly contact customers; personalise letters, provide information useful to them and express your appreciation for their business. 8. Make it easy for customers to contact you by providing a named contact or
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