How to Get a Job After College

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HOW TO GET A JOB AFTER COLLEGE Most people go to college get their degree and think that is it, now they can get a job easily. The problem is this is not true. There are a lot of different steps you should take to get on the career path you want to be on. Students get overwhelmed by “the real world” because its not what they expected it to be. You have your degree now the question is, how do I get a job? The first step a college graduate should do is try to get an internship in their field. An internship is when an undergraduate gets trained by a professional in the field they are planning to go into. It’s a hands on way of learning and getting your foot in the door. A Lot of jobs want you to have experience and this will help you with that. Second step for a recent graduate would be to take advantage of would be their college’s career service office. A lot of colleges have staff to guide in finding you jobs or internships for students or graduates. They will also help you construct your resume. A resume is another step in helping you find a job after college. You need to have a resume to show your new employer what you have for work experience and qualifications. It helps you stand out from the other people applying for the same job. Lastly another great opportunity is to go to job fairs. These are when there are multiple companies who are all in one place and taking resumes from possible employees. These are often to your benefit because you can hand your resume to multiple job opportunities all at once. It also gives you the opportunity to really show your personality and talk about you skill set with a prospective company. This allows that company to put a face to the resume and may help them when deciding between two similar resumes. You can also post your resume to online jobsites such as This is where companies who are looking for a

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