Unit 2 P1

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Unit 2 Business Resources P1 Application form – Tesco will require an Application for each person that applies for the job Is a document that is used in applying for a job. The application form will have your personal details and have details on the job you are applying. Curriculum Vitae- Tesco will want to know a bit about the applicant so they will ask for a CV about you. It is a document that provides an overview of the person skills and qualification. A CV will have the person personal details, a recent picture and information of the qualification the person have. Also skills and any work experience that the person. CV is important because this document is what potential employer will read and decide if the job is suitable for the person. Covering Letter- When applying for the job, Tesco will want to know what job you are applying for. Covering Letter is an introduction letter that will attach to a CV. The letter will explain what job the person is applying for and show what other document is attached to the letter. Job vacancy Advertisement-Is an advert to advertise that there’s an opening in a specific job. Tesco will post a job vacancy in the billboard so the public know that they are looking for someone Person Specification- Is a profile of the candidate required for the work and what the company is looking for. This will include knowledge, skills and preferences. Tesco wants an employee with specific skills that they need to have. They will write in the advert what skill the candidate needs. Job Description- Is a list that tells the person on what the job entitles and what the qualification is need for the job. Also it gives information of the salary and specific skill will be needed such being able to work with other colleagues. Tesco will write what the job entitles and what the person job will be inside the company. For example customer assistant,
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