Business Btec Unit 13 M1-Task 1

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M1-Compare the purposes of the different documents used in the selection and recruitment process of a given organisation M1-Task 1 Job Description The job description for Topshop’s sales assistant involves describing the actual job role and what the applicant will have to do when taking this job. This includes what the job entails and the working hours, with the personal requirements for you as a person. The pay will also be included as it will help the applicant decide whether they want this job or not. The need for this is to educate applicant on the most important aspects of this job role which influences their decision to accept it or not. If the employee did not know what the job entailed beforehand, they would fear that they would not like it for a number of reasons including the working hours or the wage, as it may not come up to their standard. The job description may also cover the eventuality of a problem occurring which involves the applicant. For example if a person if of sick, it may fall to them to cover for that person which may lead to that employee taking up two job roles at once which could cause immense pressure. The employee has to be aware of this, as it may not be a rare occurrence. The applicant may be told that their job role may tail off into different roles during the time period they are there. For example for one year they might be behind a till, dealing with the successful transaction of a purchase from a customer. In the next year, the applicant may become a sales assistant which is responsible for dealing with customer’s queries and questions which if done successfully may lead to customer satisfaction and a high level of customer service will be maintained. The applicant has to be aware of this so that they do not completely focus on one job role and get misled on the fact that they only have to deal with one role. After the job

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