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In the tables below I will be evaluating the usefulness of the documentation used in the interview pack for a chosen organisation used in the interview process. I will talking about the strengths, weaknesses, purpose and giving it a ranking and justification. | Job Description | Purpose | This informs the applicant about the job. It includes the position of the job, location and contact information. Different organisations will have their own particular information that they will include however there are set keys facts that must be included. | Strength | It allows potential candidates to compare themselves with the job description and see if they are suitable for the job. They are well written and accurate to help attract individuals who are qualified and prepared…show more content…
It gives the employer a better understanding of what the applicant is like. It includes similar things to an application form but also personal information such as contact details and addresses. A CV is usually adapted to suit the job that the applicant is applying for. | Strength | The format of the CV allows applicants to extensively share their history and accomplishments, the employer can learn a lot about the applicant from a single document. A CV is also a living document which can be continually be updated. It can include a variety of different things about the applicant giving the employers the best insight of them. It can also be adapted to focus on certain points depending on the job being applied for. | Weakness | A disadvantage would be that the CV may not always contain all the key aspects and facts relevant to the job the applicant is applying for. This is not because they do not have enough to write about or have not written a good CV but because there are so many subtle bits of information and it cannot be covered in just one or two pages. | Ranking | 5

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