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STACEY EWAN UNIT 2 1.1 codes of Practice Codes of Practice set out the criteria against which providers are assessed by. They also describe the standards of conduct and practice with which workers must carry out their activities and ensure that what they do is competent and consistent with the values of their employer. For a careworker to work in a certain profession, they have to register with their particular Professional Council and then work to the Codes of Practice which they deem ? t. Not following their Code of Practice could result in them being taken of the register and no longer allowed to work in that role. Below is a list of example legislations, which are relevant to domiciliary care, and residential services. You should…show more content…
reflecting to see this helps identify gaps and areas that can be improved. [ During practice - in action, you make on the job decisions, obsevations and professional judgements. When it's after practice, in hindsight you analyse theoretically - what happened, could of happened, enabling 1.3 Tips to ensure personal attitudes or beliefs do not obstruct the quality of work. Find out about individuals – their history. Understanding the individual may challenge your own attitudes and values. Find out about their attitudes and [ beliefs – ignorance can often be a barrier. Understanding may promote tolerance. Be professional at work. Even if you fundamentally disagree with another individual’s attitudes and beliefs, they have the right to hold them, the same right as you have. 2.1 Many people fail to recognise or take advantage of the ‘hidden’ learning opportunities that already exist in the workplace. [ Undertaking new tasks or projects, or working closely with (or work shadowing) a colleague, can both provide a way of increasing specific knowledge and awareness. These opportunities will also improve your interpersonal skills, such as listening and questioning. Try…show more content…
She has given me feedback on my performance, and highlighted future training events that I may find beneficial. Having supervisions with team leaders, getting guidence on areas I could improve or areas where I work well in. 3.1 Personal development plan can be defined as the development of the skill of a person which is very much important for personal career and also professional career of that person. This plan also indicates to the advancement of the personality of individual person. It helps a person to make him capable and confident in his profession. The development of a person’s characteristics and professional development is considered as important aspect of the career of a person. Therefore, having a personal professional development is very much required for a person.3.2 every employee should have a personal development plan, new starters will have, supervisors, team leaders, deputy manager and home manager, that help them with a development plan, everyone could work together in building a plan. 3.3 asking colleagues and other professionals questions. Accessing internal and external

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