The Balanced Scorecard - Solution at Peel Memorial Hospital

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The Balanced Scorecard - Solution at Peel Memorial Hospital Sanzida Khan Kaplan University Strategic Human Resource Management GB520 Prof. Lizzie Ngwenya-Scoburgh Unit 4 June 8, 2015 The Balanced Scorecard- Solution at Peel Memorial Hospital: Case Study 3 Performance management is the process of a company or organization involving its employees, as part of a group or team and as individuals, to improve the way the company achieves accomplishment in their missions and goals. There are many aspects that are involved in proper employee performance management. One of the aspects of employee performance management is planning the work and setting expectations for oneself and the organization. Another aspect is to continually monitor individual performance and also the performance of their peers. An employee also needs to develop the capacity or the skills to perform or work. Another important aspect of performance management is to periodically rate the performance of each and every employee or team member. A good way to keep employees motivated and performing well is to reward the good performance of each employee who does well. Planning work for any organization is very important. It is very important for the work to be planned out in advance to ensure success. Planning equates to creating expectations for performances and goals for the teams and the individuals to make sure they achieve their organizational objectives. It is also very important to get the employees involved in this planning process because will help them to understand the goals of the company. It also helps the employees understand what is expected of them to get doe for the company, also they will see and learn why it needs to be done and how well. Monitoring performances of employees needs to be done on a constant and continuous basis. A good job of monitoring in a business

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