3 Prm Performance Management

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3 PRM Activity 1 1. 2 Purposes of Performance Management and its relationship to business objectives One of the main purposes of performance management is to continuously improve the performance of employees. This includes making sure that: • employees are carrying out the duties they are employed to do in an effective manner • If they need any help, support or training for improvement this should be arranged • employees are given the feedback if there is any issues with their work and directions how to improve or make a change By developing and improving performance of the employees contributes to the overall business objectives, develops the business. Another important Performance Management aim is to ensure that everyone in the organistion knows: • What are the business goals • How their role helps to achieve the businesses goals • What skills and competencies do they need for the role • How they are doing, what could they do better, how to improve When an employees are well informed and engaged in their work they are most likely to do the best what they can for the organisation. They feel happy in the work place and show loyalty to the manager, team. They may want to do more and try harder to achieve organisations goals. 2. Three components of performance systems These are three components of performance management systems. This process can be applied to anybody who is managed. All these stages should be in place. Planning. It could include induction, agreement on objectives (What must be achieved?), competencies and behaviors, plan on personal development, strategy. Monitoring. The managed individual who is carrying planned work should be supported and their progress made against set
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