Bus 303: Human Resources Management

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BUS 303: Human Resources Management This paper will reflect the HRM compensation and benefits and issues that may occur. It will go into the many levels that take place within HRM. It will discuss the potential impact to your future career plans. Human resource management deals with more than just hiring and firing employees within a business. When you think about HRM what is the first thing that comes to your mind. Do you believe that HRM focus on compensation and benefits, safety and health or recruitment inside of a company? In reality all of these components and more are needed to contain a excellent HRM. An effective human resource management process sets the foundation for excellence. By focusing attention on setting understandable performance expectation, it will help the employees know what is expected of them to be successful on the job. HRM defines career development goals as part of the process they make it very clear how the current position supports employee growth and additional opportunities the employee may explore. HRM should inspire employees to strive and achieve the company’s mission statement and objectives. Corporation and the employees should understand how an employee contributes to the organization. With customary discussions on feedback, coaching and position updates encourage flexibility. Flexibility within a corporation allows HR and employees to identify problems early and change the course of a work assignment or project. With time to plan and implement the process that HRM has to achieve can save time and energy with the corporation and employees. As a HRM you are often faced with personnel decision. What action ought to be taken with an employee? Which applicant should be hired? Who deserves the promotion? All personnel related actions are affected by EEO laws. Management has to know the specific kinds

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