502 Promote Professional Development

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1.1 Explain the importance of continually improving knowledge and practice Professional development is a hugely important aspect in any industry to ensure the success and effectiveness of a business. Managers must ensure they continue to update and refresh their knowledge through, for example; research, training, seminars, workshops etc. in order to ensure current working practices are meeting legislation such as employment laws, equal opportunities etc. and meeting standards such as the care council code of practice and national minimum standards and regulations as set out by CSIW. It is vital for management to be aware and up to date with relevant legislation and information, as it is a part of their role to guide, support and influence other staff to do well in their own roles. As a member of management your own professional development not only impacts on yourself but also other staff, the Agency and the people who use the service. Staff must also ensure continuous professional development through reading policies and procedures to ensure they are working within the Agency’s set guidelines, attending and participating in team meetings in order for them to have input in to possible changes and discuss with colleagues good and bad working practices to ensure continuity in care. Staff must also be provided with training opportunities to update knowledge and ensure understanding as well as reading materials for informational purposes. In regards to the care industry, improving knowledge and practice ensures a happier, productive and more effective workforce and provides a sense of happiness, comfort, safety and well-being for service users therefore personal development is extremely important. 1.2 Analyse potential barriers to professional development There are several barriers which could impede
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