Ensure Team Effectiveness

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AT3 project-BSBWOR502A 1) Establish your team and the team’s performance plan A group of people does not nesessarily constitute a team. The first and most important task is to mould this group of people into a cohesive team. The first stage in developing a positive and efficient working team involves the developement of a range of stratergies that will assist in establishing both productive and positive relationships within that group so that it becomes a team. The initial stratergy will be involvement of team members in the establishment of the team’s goals and objectives, which encompass both the Mission and Vision statements. The mission statement is a written statement that states your team’s purpose and helps to inspire and motivate your team; the vision statement takes this one step further and looks at the desired future for your work team. Having the teams input into these goals and objectives helps give the team members ownership and a sense of belonging to the team. When the team’s goals are set, they need to have a certain criteria that must be met to make them a realistic goal. They must be clear, concise, have a set time frame, and most importantly, be measurable. These goals need to link with the organisations goals and KPI’s to help create a more efficient workplace. These goals become your team’s/team member’s performance measures in the form of KPI’s, These KPI’s measure your team’s effectivness and assist in highlighting strengths and weaknessess in the team. 2) Create and maintain a supportive, committed team How members of a team relate to each other dictates how successful that team will be, so having a supportive and committed team is critical and can make a significant difference on the performance of individuals and the team as a whole. Establish your teams rules, the ground rule are a set of standards that address how

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