Understand The Importance Of Communication In The Workplace

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AC 1.1 Communication is important at work for many reasons. Your team must be able to interact with each, this will help the work or job get done. As quickly and effectively as possible. Also this helps morale within the team, and helps more free following communication to continue. For work to take place the manager or leader must be able to communicate to the tem what she requires. If the manager or leader comes across angry or upset this has effects to the team. There could get upset by this and morale and communication forth coming could be less. Communication is not just important it is an everyday necessity in any work place. How would the team know what to do, where to go, what’s happening with the work place. Where to get the equipment…show more content…
It is important to deal with people with respect for their abilities, personal space. But communication can also be used in the wrong way for example sarcasm, gossip. It must always be correct communication with the correct and factually truths, for it to be received and understood. After all we would expect no less ourselves. Just talking to your team on a daily basically makes all the difference, the team feel wanted and needed. There need that feel of importance and that you as a person will listen and talk. It will make them feel better about coming to work. There may have difficulty in communicating but know that you will take the time to do your best to understand and solve the problem not matter how small. Whether it’s a command or just saying ‘how’s things with you’ to a team member makes all the importance of further communication. If you don’t communicate correctly things can and will go wrong. How you approach and say things can have a bad result. Going towards a team member with the right approach, look, gestures and tone in your voice will have big effects , not just for that talk but for further conversions. For example my boss was away, she left me a note outlining what was going on for the 2 weeks she would be away. Normal things any deliver’s, things that needed

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