Constructive Criticism in Business

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Communications for Business Constructive Criticism 10/13/2012 In the business world today, delivering and receiving messages are important in the communication process. The ways in which these messages are delivered and interpreted can be even more important than the actual message. When someone’s work or work ethic is conveyed through a message it is important to use words carefully. Whether positive or negative, it is important to use caution in an attempt to be clear about what we are trying to say. Constructive criticism is one of the most widely used professional forms of critique. It is meant to be used just as it is stated. Its intent is to suggest ways to improve. This form of criticism is important in workplace settings, because it can allow an employer to communicate actions that the manager or supervisor sees fit. Sometimes an employee may not fully understand a particular task and what is expected of them. Constructive criticism can be the perfect form of communication for explaining the details about what the employee was doing wrong. It can also be used to explain the necessary steps needed to get them going in the right direction. An important part of explaining criticism to someone is not to pick out personality flaws. The action that needs to be corrected or behavior that is being displayed is the issue. Never involve personality traits in a discussion about criticism. This can lead to a negative response. Explaining a way to change or improve a behavior will be far more effective. This can keep a person from feeling like they are being personally attacked and put down. Taking criticism is hard for everyone. Keeping this in mind can allow the person giving it to be more empathetic and understanding. Pointing out a flaw in someone’s work or behavior related to work can be taken as a personal criticism. This is where the mindset of “do

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