What Makes a Good Role Model?

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PROJECT 1. In my opinion things that would make me a good role model are things like being desirable, have high energy, being able to prioritize, being courageous showing that I am committed and I am dedicated to hard work, I am creative, and I have goal orientations and I am enthusiastic and I am dedicated to helping others grow and succeed. Traits of effective leaders that I have are focus, passionate, decisive, and honest. I can develop these traits by focussing on them and practicing them every day. How I can ensure that my work goals will fit in with the organisations is to find out what the organisations goals and plans are and then to match them to my goals and plans. I can ensure that I meet my job responsibilities is by performing at a satisfactory level or above is a particularly important way to ensure job security. Understanding my position and the goals of the organisation and how my duties are fulfilled helps me to focus on exceeding and meeting the requirements of the job. I can measure and maintain my personal performance by surveying my clients about the service they are receiving, also by defining my goals. I would prioritise my work by making a to-do list and stating which tasks are important and the ones that are not so important. I would use technology by setting up emails and using an electronic appointment book to schedule meetings. I can also set up a web based conferencing system for overseas meetings. I can ensure that I maintain a work/life balance is by deciding which is more important, having work goals and having life goals and very careful planning and most importantly being organised. I would ensure that my personal knowledge and skills meet required competency standards by asking for feedback from colleagues and management. I can determine my developmental needs by looking at the areas that I am weak in and improving in those areas.
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