Health and Safety

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ERR Task 3 – Learning Outcome 3 and assessment criteria 2.5 (maps with Unit 6 2.1) 1. Explain the term “agreed ways of working” with your employer. The term agreed ways of working means when you follow something which has been put in place by your employer to sustain a way of doing a task. It is the following of policies and procedures by employers and employees, also being aware of all rules and regulations regarding my role and responsibilities which is set out by my workplace. The policies and procedures explain what is expected of me in my role and what is also not acceptable. It describes how my employer requires me to perform within my specific job role. If there is failure to do this, it could cause harm or danger to myself or others. This may result in disciplinary actions. The term also refers to the care plan, to implement agreed ways of working when following the care plan. In the working setting you need an agreed way of working with the employer, to make sure that tasks are sustained correctly and completed. You have a contract with the employer but also the employer also has a contract with you. For example you have a duty to take care of the company by working; your boss has to take care of you as well. 2. Explain why it is important to adhere to agreed ways of working and the scope of your role as a care worker. It is important to support and follow the agreed ways of working and also the job description in order to avoid any grievances with your employer. This will decrease any chance of injury to a client or yourself. It allows space for skills and knowledge within the care sector to be able to increase. By following your job description it will encourage clients to trust and respect you; it gives you a state of authority within the workplace. It is important that we follow the guidelines in which we are given because if
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