Responsibilities of Team Leader

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1. Outline the role of the team leader Leadership can be hard to define and it means different things to different people. Team leaders serve various roles in an organization but their main role is to lead a group of people in order to achieve a set goal, help to provide the best services with the use of available resources. To be able to achieve aims of the organisation people must be committed to work and willing to give their time and energy to something that they believe in. The role of the team leader is to motivate people to effective and hard work to the highest standards by promoting positive teamwork and by acknowledging their efforts. A Team leader should be able to recognise and understand that the team is build by people of different values and personalities; help people achieve work related and personal goals and bring out what's the best in them. Very often A team leader acts as a link between line staff and senior management of the organisation. In my workplace both team leaders are the link between the team and senior administration manager and director manager of Women’s' Services. We are informed about all changes that affects our directorate on a timely manner, we are up to date with any innovation and changes brought to the Trust. One of the roles of the team leader is also to give a good example to other co-workers and have all qualities of a good team leader. Team members will follow a good leader because of his/hers position, values and responsibilities without questioning their capabilities and knowledge. Basic and simple role of the leader is managing the flow of day-to-day operations, recognising and evaluating changing needs of the workplace, seeking additional resources to support people, work and changes. 2. List the responsibilities of the team leader within the team Ensures resources are deployed correctly and efficiently

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