Describe Your Role, Responsibilities And Boundaries As A Teacher

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Assignment 1 Steven Gallin Describe what my role, responsibilities and boundaries would be as a teacher in terms of the teaching / training cycle. I work in a manufacturing factory that employs mainly people with a disability. Prior to the trainees arriving there are several things I would need to know, * The range of disabilities * Would I need an interpreter for anyone who is deaf? * Will there be anyone with a learning disability? This information would be crucial to me as a trainer and I would get these details from the human resources team. I would check the details that I have been given about each individual trainee. I would then assess their needs and what reasonable adjustment may have to be put in place. The day before the trainees are due to start I would make sure that I have all the equipment that is required i.e. notepads, pens, rulers, hand-outs. Once I have the trainees together it is important to make them feel comfortable in their environment and to get to know each other. This could be done by means of an icebreaker rather than just tell each other your name. An icebreaker is also a good way for me to assess peoples learning styles, i.e. some people would prefer to learn visually while another person…show more content…
This can then be signed off for the beginning of the work period. At this point I I would also do the attendance register. It is vital that I keep a progress sheet for each of my trainees, on this progress sheet I will assess their Numeracy, Literacy, Personal and Social skills, and Employability Skills. As my role as a trainer is to help prepare the trainees towards employment these records will also help as to what type of job each trainee would be suited
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