My Learning Style

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My Learning Style How can learning styles define a person or does it really matters to achieve the goal of completing a college degree? Students see, hear and feel things in different ways, but each individual prefers one above all. Maybe it’s time to embrace what works the best to suit our needs and excel at the task given. I will discuss why I chose to finish college, how I’m catalogued in reference to my learning style and what do I think about this. My reason for seeking a college degree are many, most jobs require knowledge, advance skills, and experience. Having a degree puts you ahead others lacking this accomplishment. In this competitive market a college degree is a great tool to have and use to compete against others. This can be the difference between working where you want to be or settling for less. It also demonstrates that you have the will to finish what is started and always seeking personal enhancement, completing the task at hand. College graduates make more money in the long run, so it pays to get an education. A college degree will give me a sense of accomplishment and pride knowing that I tackled the challenge that I started 20 years ago and became victorious. It will open a variety of opportunities once my life in the military comes to an end and I transfer to civilian life. Having a college degree will give my family security in the future so I can keep providing them the life they deserve. Let’s talk about my personal learning style. When we talk about learning styles, we usually discuss three general categories: visual, auditory and kinesthetic. The majority of people will use a mix of different learning styles but will prefer one in particular. I utilized two different online questioners from the three choices given to me, helping me understand what style I prefer or suits me better. First choice was The Learning Style Inventory
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