Graffiti As Art

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Jonathan Perez February 10,2009 FYC 13100-13 Lander Graffiti as art What is art? Art is usually the expression of human creative skill and imagination usually through visuals as in paintings or orally as in music. Regardless of its form, art has drastically changed the way we live our lives. Just imagine what life would be like without art. Art stimulates different parts of our brains developing different emotions when taken in. Art is a means by which we can convey our deepest feelings for instance if you find it hard to explain something verbally what better why to explain it than by expressing it with a painting. Art essentially is composed of two elements: form and context. Form means the principles of design and the physical materials used by the artist. Context is idea-based and means what did the artist mean to portray, what did he actually portray, and what emotions does it instill. Art is constantly changing through time. Understanding that art has the ability to change, society must recognize new forms of art such as hip-hop graffiti. Graffiti is the form of art that using letters and images on any type of public or private property. Hip-hop graffiti is art because it is a form of self-expression, and it consists of form and context. Fundamentally art is a method which many people use to express their emotions and thoughts about issues in the world at a particular time to create some kind of reaction from its viewers. A perfect example of graffiti that has done this comes from the movie Pleasantville. In one of the most critical scenes the owner of the local diner, filled with so much emotion, decides to paint with color, an aspect of life looked down upon, on the walls of the restaurant. His drawing is considered graffiti because the canvas is on the sidewall of a public building but the image of a naked woman causes a stream of
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