Explain How And Where These Three Artists’ Artwork

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Explain how and where these three artists’ artwork sits within the frames Mandy Martin, Lin Onus and Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri Mandy Martin, Lin Onus and Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri use different types of frames to convey messages from their artworks. The frames used on their artworks are critical study-subjective, cultural, structural and postmodern. An artwork can consist of more than one frame. The frames are used to make, or look at an artwork, from different points of view. The subjective frame, where the personal, emotive qualities are examined, or how the artist has used the elements and principles to convey feelings, personal responses or imaginings to the audience. The cultural frame, where the cultural environment in which the artist has developed subject matter, conventions, style and technique, is explored by the artist and audience. The structural frame, where the form, media, techniques and how the work is composed using the elements and Principles of Design is examined. From the Structural viewpoint or frame we look at what, where, when, why and how an artwork is made. The postmodern frame, where the artist in contemporary times uses the non-conventional, the appropriated to present art, meaningful to a technologically sophisticated audience. Mandy Martin’s Salvadoresque uses all the frames to convey her message. Martin focuses on the association between the environment and human beings. Her artworks mainly consist of destructed landscapes and are abstract. Martin’s artwork, Salvadoresque, is subjective and cultural because of she projects her emotions and personal experiences through her artwork. Salvadoresque is structural because of its contrast of night and day. Its appearance and mood of chemical refineries and power stations in both light of the day and black of the night is amazing. At night they are almost ‘pretty’ as the
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