Art In Dorothy Allison's Essay 'This Is Our World'

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Jian Wu ESL 15/ Dr. Adams The art is all over the world, there are so many different type of art, such as painting, sculpture, and graffiti. People have different idea about the art; like different type of arts. Dorothy Allison in her essay “This Is Our World” shows how these types of art provokes. She points out about art were well made because of her stories. Allison proved the art is subjective. She loves a mural of Jesus painting at the Jordan River done on the wall. She could not take her eyes off the Jesus painting. “I took the notion that art should surprise astonish, and hopefully make you think something you had not thought until you saw it.” (42) The example clearly express about the Author’s personal opinion about art, she thinks art should be always impress people. She saw an ad in all the magazines that a small child from high in the air dropping toward the upraised arm, and she felt so horrible about the ad. “I wonder how many other people see that ad the way I…show more content…
Jackie like the bright painting, she had a dozen bright prints, most of them from Puerto Rican artists at street sales. The reason she likes the bright paintings is because her mama likes that so well. “‘They remind me of my mama,’ ” She told me. I had only seen one photograph of Jackie’s mother…… Like blood on bone.’ ” By this story, Allison point out people can influence flavor of art by people; recall people’s memory and attach their heart. Dorothy Allison skillfully constructed stories made her point about art clear. Art has a kind of mysterious magic that make people fall into an imagination, leading people to have different mood. In her story, she seems making the art become more convincingness that people think art is everywhere; more about the personal opinion or perspective; become more motional to people. Art should be surprise, astonish and bring magic to everyone’s
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