Beowulf Questions 1

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Beowulf Questions 1. The Shield was abandoned as a baby and became a successful king. His funeral was grand and majestic. It was on a ship at sea and he was surrounded by weapons and vast treasure with a gold woven banner. Hrothgar is the great great grandson. [The Hero Comes to Herot] 1. Hrothgar built Herot, a spectacular mead hall for feasts and celebrations. Grendel, a monster, attacked it and at the men. The attackes continued every night until the danes all fled to save their lives. [The Hero Comes to Heorot] 1. He creates a group of his strongest soldiers and set off from Geat to kill Grendel. 2. They meet a Danish watcher patrolling the cliffs. He asks why they came in armor and with weapons and Beowulf responded declaring his intentions of slaying Grendel. The watchman leads them to King Hrothgar. 3. Wulfgar is a messenger. He asked for their name and kin and that he will tell Hrothgar of their request. He told Hrothgar the Geats have traveled from across the ocean to be able to “have speech at will.” Hrothgar responds by saying he knew Beowulf well, as one is not oing to forget someone who had a grasp equal to thirty men. 4. He told Hrothgar that he heard about Grendel’s attacks and Herot is not empty because of the beast that comes at night. Beowulf boasted about his abilities and his achievements. Hrothgar told Beowulf that his father sought sanctuary after Ecgtheow killed Heathloaf, so Hrothgar made a treaty with them by giving them
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