Similarities Between Grendel And Beowulf

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Denmark, a place of royalty and tons of civilians. Although this sound like an astonishing place to be and to live in there’s a problem. The vicious monster Grendel keeps invading the kingdom when celebration occurs in the mead hall. Grendel is sensitive to hearing and deals with the issue by attacking the mead hall and the people inside. All hale BEOWULF. The kingdom is being saved by the confident, strong and monster slayer Beowulf. Beowulf is known to have experience in killing monsters. This heroic figure is brushing on shore in his fancy ship to put the kingdom of Denmark on his shoulders! He WILL kill Grendel! “I AM BEOWULF” screamed the almighty leader. Finally the land of Denmark was going to be saved. No man had ever defeated the brutal monster Grendel. Grendel ripped people up, ate them, tore bodies apart and terrorized many. Beowulf stripped naked. Why? Beowulf knew Grendel had no armor and no weapons so it wouldn’t be fair.…show more content…
Waking up to dead men hanging above you after a great night of celebration, probably not a situation you want to be in. Grendel’s mother’s way of getting revenge for killing her son Grendel was this. Beowulf leaps up fuming, no one ever told him about a mother. Beowulf being the hero that he is agrees to kill the mother. Beowulf goes into battle on his own. Evil is a beautiful thing or in this case person Beowulf learns. Grendel’s mother looks nothing like a monster she is irresistible, convincing, and attractive. She promises him power, wealth, and a nice life. Beowulf can’t resist her or her substantial promises so he lays with her giving up the dragon cup. Never defeating her, Beowulf returned to Denmark pretending he killed Grendel’s mother and making stories up of how he did it. The king saw through Beowulf and he knew that he was lying. Beowulf brought back Grendel’s head and not his mothers, and when the king questioned Beowulf about this secretly Beowulf knew the king saw right through him. Beowulf knew the

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