Lord Of The Flies Fire Vs Civilization Analysis

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How Fire Can Stray From Civilization “There is a savage beast in every man, and when you hand that man a sword or spear and send him forth to war, the beast stirs.” ― George R.R. Martin. Overall, what George R.R. Martin is saying that even the best of mankind has part savage in them and that shows how even the best stray from civilization. In the book Lord of the Flies by William Golding, the world is at war and parents send their children away from the war where they could still learn and not become endangered. The plane they are in crash lands after being shot down and all the boys on that plane become stranded with only themselves to survive and find a way off. Therefore, William Golding uses fire to explain the loss in civilization brings…show more content…
“They got our fire!” Rage shrilled his voice. “They stole it!” (169) As being said by Piggy, Jack and his tribe is going after Ralph’s fire because they do not have Piggy’s glasses; therefore, they can not create the fire. This sparks rage in Piggy and at that point he does not have any civilization in him all he wants is revenge. One of the final things that fire does to change the way the book is told in how people stray from civilization is the disaster and is shown in the big fire that saves them in the end. “The fools! The fools! The fire must be almost at the fruit trees- what would they eat tomorrow?” (198). Now this is explaining how they are in a chase to force Ralph to come out solely to kill him. In addition to showing that there is no civilization, only evil is there now. All of the rage and disaster that the fire creates shows that as fire changes, fire brings out the evil in the boys and did not keep them civilized. As the fire is explained, causes changes in the boys from civilization to evil. The fire changes from hope and rescue, to safety from the “evil” things on the island, to rage and disaster that is caused by the fire. Civilization had went from all civilization to losing some civilization to there being no civilization at all left in the boys. All in all, the fire changed the boys from civilization to savage, and the clever symbolism that William Golding uses to describe fire and savagery well allows the reader to fully understand everything about the fire and the effects on the

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