Beowulf Good Vs Evil

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Beowulf Essay “He tossed his sword aside, Angry; the steel edged blade lay where he’d dropped it” (Lines 607-609). Beowulf gets in to a one on one battle with Grendel’s mother. Beowulf is a good example of an epic hero because he has exceptional strength. He battles against villains. Able to undertake quests are glorified for his great deeds. He throw time dealing with the Danes problems they grant him king of the Danes. Wulfgar tells Beowulf the king of the Danes speaks highly of him. “My lord, the great king of the Danes commands me to ten you that the knows of your noble birth” (Lines 127-128). Beowulf comes from a line of greats. His dad is the king of the Geatish and his uncle is the kings of Geats. Before birth he was bound to be a great king someday and he was. The fates of the men in the meat-hall were in the hand of Beowulf. “They had planned could shatter what had put of ivory and iron and wood” (Lines462-464). Fought the Danes great monster and was able to trap it. Even throw he got way Grendel didn’t live .Another good deed Beowulf achieved was killing the mother of Grendel. “ Now, angry and desperate, lifted it high over his head and struck with all the strength he had left, caught her in the neck an d cut it through, broke bones and all. Her body fell” (Lines 639-643). Being the epic hero…show more content…
Good vs. Evil, this was the theme of this poem. The good was Beowulf helping the Danes with their monsters. Going and being that hero that comes in and saves the day. Evil would be the monsters, Grendel he killed a lot of the solders of the Danes. The mother of Grendel, she tries to kill Beowulf in their battle. The angry dragon that kills Beowulf in their flaming fight. In each battle with evil good won in some

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