Piggy And Jack Character Analysis

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The Good and Evil Within Piggy and Jack are two very different people in “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding. They are different in ways like how Jack loves hunting for the bloodlust while Piggy wouldn’t hurt a fly and Jack only looks out for his hunters while Piggy looks out for everyone, but the biggest difference is how evil Jack turns out to be and how good Piggy is. All Jack wants to do is hunt and it is affecting him to the point where he completely changes who he really is “He looked in astonishment, no longer at himself but at an awesome stranger.”(63). Jack would rather hunt and kill animals and build fires than building shelters. Jack slowly over time becomes more and more crazed from the bloodlust. But then Piggy is the complete opposite. Piggy would prefer to do more peaceful…show more content…
Jack had evil intents to hurt the other tribe with the conch shell. Jack and his hunters have already brutally beaten and killed Simon because they thought he was the monster in the woods. Jack had attacked Ralph’s tribe several times. Piggy did everything he could to help them stay together but when Jack made his offer the other’s followed him. After being attacked by Jacks tribe they went to Castle Rock to find Jack and his tribe right before Piggy was killed. Piggy acted like the father figure yet again when he said “You’re all acting like a crowd of kids!”(180). Soon after saying that and arguing with them some more Roger pulled the lever which had a rock hit Piggy and killed him. With his death one of the other good hearted guys were killed. Once Piggy died Jack got that bloodlust again and “viciously, with full intention hurled his spear at Ralph.”(181). the spear wounded Ralph and they began to hunt him again just like they hunted a pig. To make matters worse Jack put a spear in the ground to put Ralphs head on just like he did to the
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