Change Of Mind In Lord Of The Flies

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Changes of Mind In William Golding’s novel Lord of the Flies, the boys’ attitudes change from being tense and uneasy to being brutal and merciless, revealing their disinigration of civilization. In the beginning of the novel, where the first death takes place, the boys are in disbelief and shock. When Piggy frantically begins questioning the other boys where the missing littlun’ has gone, the boys remain “silent as death” and as Piggy continues interrogating they look at each other “fearfully” and “unbelievingly” as Ralph “mutters the reply…in shame”. Piggy is clearly extremely upset and worried but the rest of the boys are speechless and shaken that the littlun’ has disappeared. Piggy becomes more and more upset demanding for an answer, but when Jack, in a state of denial, mumbles a reply, the reality…show more content…
When the boys are dancing and chanting around the bonfire, they mistake Simon for the beast and brutally kill him with “no words…but the tearing of teeth and claws. In all the excitement at the bonfire, the boys show that they have become undomesticated since when they first got to the island. Their obsession with the beast has led to development of animal-like instincts, causing them to react in violent behavior in order to protect themselves. Lastly, the third death in the novel is heartless and intentional murder, proving that the boys have lost all sense of sympathy and have turned to killing to maintain power over each other. After Roger pushes Piggy down the mountain knocking Piggy to his death, Jack steps forward and begins “screaming wildly” and warns Ralph that if he doesn’t join his tribe, that “that’s what [he’ll] get”. Unlike the previous deaths, rather than the boys being in denial over the unintentional killings, Jack and his tribe celebrate this death. When Jack rudely interrupts the silence with screams, he uses Piggy’s death as a lesson for Ralph, threatening him to obey him, proving that he has become cold-hearted and would do

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