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Independent Reading Journal Title: The title ‘Soldier’s Heart’ is a phase used by Americans to label Civil War veterans who seemed mentally lost because of the war. The title Soldier’s Heart best suits the book because it has an emotional and intense sounding to it and is based on a true story. Characters/Characterisation: At the beginning of the text Charley Goddard is excited and is eager to go fight for the Union. He didn’t know what a shooting war meant or what it was all he knew was that he didn’t want to miss out on a great adventure. Near the end of the book Charley Goddard life had changed he fought for survival. Charley Goddard faced horrors that no man should face, walking across a field waiting for orders to fire, or waiting…show more content…
He was on top of a hill behind a rock. The Rebels would just keep marching closer. They got so close after the bullets went through the bodies it would hit the rocks and come back at the Union. They got ordered to charge, the Rebels shooting where ever. Charley was climbing over dead bodies to get to the rebels. Charley was hiding behind his friends; unfortunately both of his friends get shot. Charley was standing in the middle of the hill jabbing people and screaming until he gets shot. Charley does survive from his wounds but dies later on during the book Narrative Structure: A major theme in Soldier's Heart is the horror of war, and how war changes a person. The author uses events that really happened in the Civil War to bring home the brutality of war--the building of a wall with dead bodies, young men shot in the stomach being left to die, horses being killed to feed starving men. These events must change the men involved. When Charley leaves for Fort Snelling, he is a smiling, fast-talking boy. Once Charley returns home, he is a different man-a broken man, in constant pain, unable to hold a job, and looking forward to his own death. Narrative

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