Short Story: Life During The Civil War

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Matt Henderson Dr. Bryant Short Story May 9 2008 Short Story It was the morning of June 30th 1863. I awaken from my tent startled by my commanding officer barking orders at me. I haven’t slept very well these past few nights; I can’t seem to erase my memory of death, murder and destruction. Last night I took part in small, but bloody raid of a shoe factory jus outside Gettysburg. We took an entire regiment into the factory as we flushed out the enemy gunning each one of those bastards down where they stand. I’ll never forget those Confederates’ eyes as I pulled the trigger releasing a small iron ball of death from my rifle. I watched as hot lead poured into their bodies as they soon became a lifeless dead stick laying there on the ground.…show more content…
I was stationed along with several hundred other men entrenched behind a small stone wall about waist-high. Out in the distance I could see the enemy forming up for what it looked to be a large infantry attack. I had never seen so many men march together as cannons fired at them. I couldn’t stop shaking my hands began to twitch my feet were numb and my head began to spin. There army was so vast it literally shook the ground. I gazed upon them still marching directly at us. “There’s too many,” one man shouted, I looked around my group as I saw the same fear that I had when I first went into battle. It was clear to me that these men haven’t been in a single battle yet; as they were about to be in what looked to me the biggest battle in the war. Our cannons continued to rip through chunks of the enemy’s line as they soon came into rifle range. I loaded my rifle lined up my sights and fired, as I saw no one fall. “It’s no use,” another man shouted, “there army has to be stretched at least a mile long.” I quickly reloaded again and this time gazed down the barrel and fired. Direct hit; this time the rebels began to drop rapidly as they quickened there pace. BANG! BANG! BANG! Our cannons rang out as dozens of them began to fall, still without firing a shot at us. The enemy stopped abruptly, took aim and fired. Bullets flew by me smashing and exploding against the stone wall. The order was given to fire-at-will as both of us began to exchange fire. I could finally see the enemy’s faces now. The enemy engaged and stopped again this time, crying out, and “CHARGE!” The noise itself practically blew my ear drums out as they rushed at me; each wanting nothing more than to kill me. I ducked under the stone wall as dozens of mean hopped over the wall running back towards the main body of our army. My eyes lurked over the stone wall as I saw a man on a horse sword-drawn waiting to find someone to cut

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