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Buried Onions There were many examples of predominate imagery in the novel Buried Onions.(Gary Soto) Heat, garbage, religion, death are just some examples. There are many parts in the book where you can find any of them. Even on the very first page he talks about death and tells us about four people that pass away. This book is a great book for someone to read about different races. One example is death. In the very first page he tells us that His cousin Jesus is dead. That his dad died, and two uncles had passed away also. A couple lines down Eddie tells us his best friend from high school had died as well. He tells us on page three, “all of them on their racks of black, black earth.” Where he lived they would kill someone for little to any reason. On page three as well “He had died all because he told another guy he had yellow shoes” talking about his cousin. Through the hole book his life was even danger. Samuel had chased Eddie with a knife trying to stab him throughout most of the book. When Samuel goes after him with a knife he just gets away. Eddie is smarter than Samuel and he gets away but he knows that he can hurt him more than Samuel can hurt him. When Eddie goes to the hospital to see his friend that got stabbed he sees Angle and he just kind of shrugs it when he is there, but when he leaves he is suspicious of Angle maybe killing him or hurting him. Eddie was told by one of his friends that Angle was the one who killed his cousin and Eddie kind of believes her. Another example is heat. Eddie talks about heat over the whole book. He talks about how he thinks the heat makes the onions that are buried in the ground stronger and that makes everyone cry. Everyone cries because of all the death and the gangs. Eddie has a hard time because he can’t really keep a job and when he got one he got accused of stealing the truck. He thinks he

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