Lord Of The Flies Leadership Essay

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Sarapnickas 1 Haley Sarapnickas Mrs. Nethery ENG 2D1 27 April 2012 Who Will Come out on top? Lord of the Flies has many meanings to it which are defined through the characters involved in the story and their actions. Even after the plane crash the characters go through drastic events that change their lives. They run into problems while stranded on the island. The characters that are the most prominent would be Ralph and Jack. Overall, the things that separate these characters are leadership styles, their decision making abilities, and their transformation to savagery. Ralph immediately demonstrates leadership qualities and a focus on getting rescued, but doesn’t not show signs of savagery. Once Ralph is voted chief of…show more content…
He feels so strongly that he should be chief that he is willing to separate himself from the group and make his own tribe. He leads to the group turning against each other therefore making him a bad leader. Jack lacks in good decision making as well. "Jack rushed towards the twins. 'The rest are making a line. Come on!' 'But-' '-we-' 'Come on!...'"(64) At this point the twins Sam n' Eric are tending to the fire. They try to tell Jack that if they leave the fire will go out, but Jack doesn't give them a chance to speak. Due to his poor decision making he extinguished a chance for the boys to be rescued. Something that set Jack apart from not only Ralph but all the other boys as well, was his transformation to savagery. Without a doubt he was the one who displayed the most cruelty towards animals and people. "'Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood. Do him in!'" (152) This is the chant that Jack had created after their first kill. This is also the chant the group was crying out when they killed Simon. As a result of Jack getting caught up in hunting, the sight of Simon crawling out of the bushes he orders everyone to attack and kill ‘the beast’. Jack illustrates that when humans get lost in an activity,…show more content…
Jack and Ralph both portray the opposite views of all three. Ralph is a democratic leader, makes good choices and doesn’t turn to savagery as fast. On the other hand Jack is runs a dictatorship, makes poor decisions and was the first to turn to savagery. In the end it turned out that Ralph was right about a lot of

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