How Does Ralph Mature In Lord Of The Flies

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Lord of the Flies Humans have traits that differ from animals. Some possess the iniquity to turn savage and some of us have the integrity needed to stay civil. In William Golding’s novel, Lord of the Flies, a group of young British boys land on a deserted island trying to behave in a proper matter. These young boys try to remain civil by making rules and tasks for each other. Once these regulations get broken they soon turn into savages and begin to demolish the island and themselves. One of these children learned from this experience and he is called Ralph. Ralph is the only one who gains knowledge about the darkness of human nature in man’s heart. Many youthful boys crash on a deserted island. The boys find each other fairly quickly…show more content…
They start doing diminutive things like not using the coconut shells to carry drinking water, not watching the fire, speaking without the holding the conch at meetings and how there was a desire to hunt. They all wanted meat from the hunters, although there were numerous fruits on the island. Golding implies how the boys were acting like animals by their dancing and chanting of “ ‘Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood!’ ” (187). Simon was in his thicket when he spotted the Lord of the Flies. As he was returning to the island, the boys saw Simon as they danced wildly, thought he was the beast and murdered him with their sharpened spears. Even Ralph had participated in this incident. Soon everyone decided to follow Jack as he had promised them meat and protection, but soon became a vicious leader. Jack had become a cruel dictator. The people in his tribe were under a tyranny. This is shown in the following…show more content…
Everyone always obeyed his rules because they were very terrified of him. He carried a lot of control on the island. When Ralph and Piggy tried to compromise with Jack, no one would listen. They did not want to pay attention. Roger pushed a rock on Piggy as he died with the conch broke into millions of pieces and his body washed into the ocean. Authority had left the island. Civilization was gone, as there was nothing to control the young savage boys. Piggy was Ralph’s only true friend left as everyone else had betrayed him. Ralph, the only symbol of serenity on the island was betrayed. Everything changed on the island. Everyone had turned into savages. No one seemed to care about the safety of others. Ralph was the only one left from his tribe. Everyone was on Jacks group. Ralph quickly found out about plans to slaughter him, as his fear grew. The next day there was a hunt for Ralph. Ralph clearly terrifies the boys who have turned into savages. Ralph’s fear is shown in the following passage: The pointed end of a stick appeared. In panic Ralph thrust his own stick through the crack and struck with all his might.

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