Jack's Savagery

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“He was a tall, thin and bony and his hair was red underneath a black cap. His face was crumpled and freckled and ugly without silliness.”(pg.16). this is the introduction for Jack the main antagonist in William Golding’s Lord of the Flies and also the main source into the destruction of the society on the island. As Jack slowly loses his humanity he harnesses fear, savagery and his militaristic mindset in order to spread his influence and eventually gain control over most of the boys on the island. From the beginning Jack had a way with instilling fear into those around him; this can be seen through the way the narrator introduces his group “The group of boy began to scatter from close lines [Jack] shouted at them choir! Stand still!” (pg.20).…show more content…
23) which foreshadows future acts of savagery and “all the same you need a army for hunting-hunting pigs” (pg.31) which shows an obsession with this primitive action. Throughout all the hunt Golding’s expresses Jacks thrill for the hunt couple examples are “The madness came into his eyes again I thought I might kill” (pg.51) “Jack found the throat and hot blood spouted over his hands…”(pg.149). and “the head is for the beast it’s a gift”(pg.151). As the hunts go on their behavior becomes more violent and vicious. The narrator seems to note the boys transformation by referring to them as savages and how the hide their shame “[they were] safe from shame or consciousness behind the mask of [their] paint”(pg.154). The final result of their savagery was the deaths of Simon and Piggy these events happen in the heat of the moment due to an overflow of emotion. In the killing of Simon they were performing their infamous chant and enactment of the hunt of the hunt when Simon runs out tries to warn them about the false beast but the group was in the heat of the moment and ended up killing him even Ralph and piggy the level headed boys were caught up in this superfluous of emotion. In the killing of piggy the groups were at castle rock and in the midst of the confrontation piggy was hit with a
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