Lord of the Flies : Themes Civilization vs. Savagery

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What is the difference between civilization and savagery ? | * Civilization is the social process whereby societies achieve in advanced stage of development and organization. * Savagery is the trait of extreme cruelty. * Civilization is the social system that works well for the majority of the society within that system. * On the other end of the social system would be savagery, the total breakdown of the social system leaving the majority in serious danger. | When did the boys start to become savage? | - Jack is the first one who becomes savage he goes hysterical over killing a pig. - They boys suddenly painted their faces thinking they would become a true hunter. - The boys split into two tribes , one civilized and the other uncivilized. - They killed Simon and didn’t feel guilty about murdering him. - Jack had the power over the boys , and that let him tell them what to do. - Jack was the one that went savage first, then all the boys followed. - The boys are also chanting things like “Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Spill her blood” (69). - The final turning point between human and savagery was when Jack and Ralph argue about the rules, Ralph staying civilized says, “The rules are the only thing we’ve got!” Then Jack replies, “ bollocks to the rules! | How do civilization and savagery compare and contrast? | * Civilization is marked by cultural awareness, advancements in science and industries, and established government based on a common set of values, while savagery is state of chaos in which there is little to no organization or government and no common set of values. * Civilization are pointed by their ability to organize. * Savagery involves living in the moment and based primarily upon instinct. | What does the novel tell us on human nature? | * Initially
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