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Savages William Golding’s Lord of The Flies is about a group of British schoolboys who get stranded on an island. As time passes, they become savage, disorderly and sadistic, all of this without authority. Golding’s main idea behind the novel is based upon his own personal experience from World War II. He expresses that without laws or rules any human being young or old can become savage. When people are out of society and left to their own resources, humans are more likely to return to their inner savagery. Without adults on the island, the conflict over-rises when the boys become disorderly, vicious and evil, thus proving Golding’s theory about man to be correct. To begin with, the boys on the island start to become disorderly without…show more content…
Golding’s novel states; “Kill the pig! Cut his throat! Kill the pig! Bash him in!” (Golding, 76). This quote shows that the school boys are actually forgetting who they really are and worshiping the devil by sacrificing a pig. With this in mind Roger kills Piggy by pushing down a rock with, "delirious abandonment," (Golding, 180). After his death no one in Jack’s tribe had any remorse for Piggy nor Ralph, showing that they are willing to kill and enjoy it. Golding’s message by this, shows that when in total abandonment of Government and society, humans are willing to kill anything. In brief, the novel, Lord Of The Flies by William Golding, shows that without adults on the island, the boys became vicious, disorderly, and evil. The ironic rescue at the end of the book shows that the boys are not only savages. After all, the adults who rescued them were engaged in their own war. That was the main reason why the boys ended up on the island in the first place. Although it may look as if the boys are doing something adults wouldn't have let them to do, they did almost exactly what the adults would have made them do back in society. Which is killing

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