Struggles In Lord Of The Flies

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What makes a human being divergent from any other creature? It is the ability to express ideas and emotions in many forms. It is the power to adapt to the surroundings at will and not surrender to the threat that wild poses. William Golding's norvel, Lord of the Flies, portrays the struggle of humans when they are left to face decisions of their own. A group of boys on a deserted idland in the center of nothingness were faced with a dilemma; they had lost everything they had in life. The children had slowly grown accustomed to their new way of life. In the novel, civilization, order and morality are lost by the boys as they give in to their surroundings, transforming into bloodthirsty monsters who have no entreaty to return to society.…show more content…
Even though he has been selected as chief of the island, his voice was gradually becoming useless. The followers fancied an achiever like Jack, not just a speaker. Ralph's most important objective was to go gome, but the boys were too caught up killing pigs to realize that the fire had been left uncared for. Infuriated that the chances of being rescued vanished, the leader demands an explanation for the lack of responsibility. But at that instant, Ralph realizes his leadership lacks contron as he "...watched them envious and resentful" (Golding, 79). He felt the effects of defeat as the boys were devouring the pig; all attention was on Jack who had finally found the admiration he yearned for. For the children, "...there was the brilliant world of hunting, tactics, fierce exhilaration, skill; and there was the world of longing baffled commonsense" (Golding, 75). Logically, the exciting route wuld be chosen, leaving Ralph a ruler with no one on his side. As the tensions between Ralph and Jack increased, obvious signs of struggle for power were noticed. Conclusively, he understood his downfall and "unwillinglu Ralph felt his lips twitch; he was angry with himself for giving way" (Golding, 76). Resentment and open intimiddation set in and Ralph's responsibility as chief was disappearing, over powered by the other leader's thirst for
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