Evil Nature of Human Beings

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Evil Nature of Human Beings In the Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, the boys experiment with the evil nature of human beings and end up losing their humanity and sense of civilization. Each of them develops it differently, some grow stronger and realize their wrongs, and others let the evil over take them and transform themselves into beasts. Jack becomes very jealous of Ralph and his power; he wants to take it from him. Jack then creates his own tribe of boys and turns them all against Ralph, meanwhile craving the hunt for food and is power hungry. Ralph represents the goodness left on the island, while Jacks worst got the best of him. He then becomes very violent “He's like Piggy. He says things like Piggy. He isn't a proper chief.”(Gift for the Darkness, p.138) Jack challenges Ralph whom he calls a coward; Ralph had insulted Jack's hunters as "boys with sticks”. He wants to turn everyone against Ralph so they join his tribe and become hunters leaving Jack in charge and chief of the island. Realization of the beast has come to be a reality when Simon soon discovers the truth. “You're not wanted....on this island. So don't try it on, you poor misguided boy, or else....we shall do you. See? Jack and Roger and Maurice and Robert and Bill and Piggy and Ralph.” (Gift for the Darkness, p.151) The beast inside of Simon is speaking to him, trying to play mind games and trick him into believing he is no longer wanted or needed on the island. Simon then discovers that the true beast is indeed inside each and every one, not a wild animal, but the hidden human soul that has yet to be discovered. When Simon is killed by Jack and the rest of the tribe we realize that with Simon the truth about the beast has also died with him, the truth has and will remain unknown. Piggy is the “brain” on the island; he is well educated and knows the most out of all the boys.
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