Savages In Lord Of The Flies

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The boys are slowly turning barbaric towards their actions and fellow companions. In the lord of the flies, the boys land on the islands as civilized young adult but as time progresses they begin to lose sight of their moral values. By the boys losing sight of morality it leads them to savage behaviors. Do we become savages when we are not under control by law & order or are we just born savages? The barbaric life style that the boys decide to portrait leads them into chaos, envy, arguments, and murder threw out the novel. When the boys landed on the island they tried to stay civilized by trying to organize a civilized environment. Ralph and Piggy find a conch shell that they use to call everyone on the island together. The boys then have…show more content…
Piggy was killed during a fight between the two gangs, one of the members known as roger pushed the rock on top of Piggy. “The rock stuck Piggy a glancing bow from chin knee...traveled through the air sideways from the rock... Fell forty feet and landed on his back. His head opened and came and turned red”. The death of a fellow companion should have at least brought some civilization to the island but since the boys degenerated to savages this wasn’t the case. The boys’ savage show that they are savages by how the pigs are killed. At first Jack wouldn’t even scratch the pig but now the boys brutally murder the pig they were hunting. “The sow gives a gasping squeal and staged with two spears striking in her fat flank. Jack was on top of the sow, stabbing downward with his knife. Roger found a lodgment for his point and began pushing until he was leaning with his whole weight”. This savage behavior shows that soon or later it will turn out to be survival of the fittest because eventually there will be a shortage of food. The boys begin to hunt each other after running into arguments and fights between the two leaders and fear took over the other boys when the picked tribes. “And we’ve got to be careful and throw our spears like at a pig” “we’re going to spread out in a line across the island- “we’re going forward from this end-” “until we find you”. Jack’s tribe of boys has degenerated completely into savages by killing and hunting their companions. The boys’ uncivilized ways of life lead them into degeneration into savaged men. The lord of the flies shows us what life would be like without rules & regulations being enforced. Even though Ralph tried really hard to stay organized and civilized the savage in the young boys had taken over their civilized mentality. What is this story really trying to tell us, if all these symbols mean something for
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