Why Is Grendel So Powerful

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Section1 & 2 In the beginning, a furious and crazy dictating monster was heard growling impatiently. Everyday music was playing about “The ancient beginnings of us all” (Raffle, 21). Hrothgar’s men lived in a great friendly environment until the mean and Evil monster; Grendel came and haunted the warriors. He was conceiving by a pair of monsters, who were the blame for the death of Abel. The almighty kept the demons out, but soon split into different forms of evil. The evil opposed the Lora’s will and Defeated again and again. Later, Grendel and Herot had a conversation about what the warrior’s next move was going to be. He found them sound asleep and suspected nothing. The monsters soon slipped though the door and silently killed thirty men and ran with there bodies while the was dripping. When the sun rose, they saw how well the demons worked and broke into tears. A Prince was upset about the lost of his friends and companions knowing that same demon broke the followers apart. Grendel was so powerful when he fought he won against many.…show more content…
“Filled nights with horror”. (Raffel, 23) he commanded to see the famous king, Hrothgar’s, since help was needed. No one regretted the adventure and the omens urged the adventure on. Beowulf chose 14 of his bravest men to take down with him. Hrothgar commanded for weapons to be dropped before seeing him but Beowulf said as long as some had weapons with them. They greeted Hrothgar, and Beowulf’s people said. “That my duty was to go to the Danes great king. (Raffel, 25) Beowulf described his bloody journeys and asked for a request to battle the undefeated. God decided who will be given the death. He felt Grendel’s plan was to invade and eat everyone in it. So if Grendel does take Beowulf’s life he wants Hrothgar to send the hammered mail of his armor to Higlac. (Raffel,
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