Grendel's Honor In The Epic Of Beowulf

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They say a hero can be found anywhere at any time than you know he’s true, for one person who knows that the honor to fight for the king because it is what they owe to him for helping their father. The beast is no more he has been defeated by a warrior with no sense of similarities to another warrior. I couldn’t help but notice that the king needed help because he was struggling with the beast Grendel; so I decided to offer my life to help defeat him. The beast was just continuing to bother the king Hrothgar and destroying the castle, he came upon me and I just knew I had to leave my homeland to go to his. So here’s the truth behind what happened. When I saw Grendel I knew I had to get him to fall and make him scared. It’s obvious to who was involved but I was just so shocked when the king came to the land of my home I didn’t know how to react when he found me and so that had say to him that I am honor and want to defeat the beast for you since you helped my father once I owe it to you king Hrothgar. I knew at that very moment that the king would want me and that he knew I was…show more content…
The main cause to the battle was that Grendel was terrorizing and killing every one of the Danes, Grendel just would not leave the king alone. The battle had taken place in the land far from ours where the king laid his head at night; the castle was where everything happened. Grendel came at me with all his might we just fought and fought then he came at me again I took his hand and broke a finger then I guess that wasn’t enough so then I broke his arm. After I broke his arm he ran off to cry and die alone because I defeated him. The defeat of Grendel was basically everything to the king; Hrothgar had lost his honor, his kingdom, and his faith so when I came back to him with Grendel’s arm to hang to say he is dead was the priceless moment of happiness for the king and

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