Beowulf Being A Hero Essay

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Many people have different opinion on what a hero is, to be a hero you don’t necessarily need to be the superhero, you can also be the sidekick. When the “superhero” is in trouble the sidekick is one to come and rescue the superhero. In the story Beowulf when he was in trouble in the tower Wiglaf, came to the rescue. The same situation happens when batman is in trouble, Robin comes to help. In the story Beowulf, there was a soldier named Beowulf, when he was about to go to the tower to fight the dragon. He told the soldiers who followed him,” I need no hot words. Wait for me close by, my friend. We shall see, soon, who will survive this bloody battle, stand when the fighting is done”. Then he head off into the tower, as the end was coming to the fight and the dragon was winning, and be was being killing with the dragons hot breath, none came to help him. “Followers; they ran for their lives, fled deep in a wood”. They all left except for one brave soldier, whose name is Wiglaf. He came into the tower with fear in him. But he still came in and didn’t run away like the others. He came in a defeated the dragon while Beowulf was on the ground, hurt. Wiglaf was there to help Beowulf when no one else was there. At the end when Beowulf was about o die he asked for…show more content…
But Batman and Robin are the ones who are alike to Beowulf and to Wiglaf. Batman and Robin have been a team since Robin found out that Batman was in need of help. But Batman was just like Beowulf he wanted to fight the battle by himself to show that he is capable of fight by himself and he doesn’t need a sidekick by his side. So therefore he tells Robin to stay behind and to not help him at all. In a situation where Robin help Batman and where Batman is unwilling to fight anymore because of so hurt. Is when batman and the Joker are in a fight and the Joker throws Batman of the railing that they are on. Batman falls to the floor and hurts him self very

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